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Carbon monoxide leak detector

Carbon monoxide leak detector with replaceable sensor
Manufacturer: Geca

BETA CO detectors warn the gas presence in the environment where they are installed with an optical and acoustic signal. They are equipped with an output relay for controlling a solenoid valve for intercepting gas.
CO version are calibrated to detect the following concentration: 50 ppm x 70 minutes / 100 ppm x 20 minutes / 300 ppm x 1 minute. This threshold are guaranteed for a maximum period of 5 years.
After that period, an optical signal warns to replace the sensor, simply by removing a front plate and using the sensors parts supplied in blister packs.


  • Standard Specification:

    Conformità alle norme: EN 50291
    Power supply: 230 Vac – 50÷60 Hz and 12Vdc
    Absorption: 3VA (230Vac)
    Alarm level: 50ppm per 70 min - 100ppm per 20 min - 300ppm per 1 min
    Sensor: Electrochemical
    Alarms: optical (red led) and acoustic (buzzer 85dB/1m)