New Boston HD flue gas analyzer

BOSTON HD, the latest version of the prestigious range of portable combustion gas analyzers, has interesting new performances that put it at the top of the market. Usable on any heating plants of every dimension, it is equipped of replaceable sensor cartridges, a large and lighting display and a rich option menu that includes a choice of 14 different combustibles. It can be also digital manometer and test on gas pipeline using KP400 kit. It has a complete management software that use 500 memories of the instrument, a data logger with graphic representation of combustion values and with the possibility to print Annex F and G also customizable. See more details here.

New CO leak detector with replaceable sensor.

New design and new philosophy for our new CO leak detector.

At the end of the life, you can replace only the sensor.

More easy, less money. Find more here


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